Hypothesis: Tech is Destroying Humanity

This short post lays the foundation for why I started this blog.  While I have deeply held principles and values by which I live my life, when it comes to strong opinions, I can’t say I have many.  Until recently.  Over the past year or so, as someone who works in tech, uses tech, enjoys tech, and observes how others use tech, I have developed a strong opinion about what technology and the future of technology mean for humanity.  The paradoxical nature of this revelation is not lost on me: I am a technology geek and I am going to throw it under the bus.

In any event, my goal is to express this opinion through a series of posts here.  I plan to touch on themes such as our instant-gratification mentality, our lack of genuine human interaction, the bastardization of communication, our reliance and faith in technology, the distorted notion of technology for technology’s sake, and other stuff.

In the spirit of transparency, no, I am not a millennial.  On the contrary, I learned how to code on a Commodore VIC-20, and I feel that the decades of experience with technology and appreciating it’s benefits gives me the informed perspective to challenge its value now.  You can be the judge.  If I am wrong, great.  If I am right, we all need to seriously take a look at the path society is on and why it might not be a very good one.

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